Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NYX Eyeshadow Primer Base 03 Skin Tone review & swatches

NYX Eyeshadow Base in #3 Skin Tone (ESB03) was one of the first products I purchased when I started looking for eyeshadow bases / primers that would even out my lid color and mask visible veins. NYX Eyeshadow Base is an emollient cream base product that promises to act as a primer and concealer for your lids in one. The product also comes in two other color options - white (01) and white pearl (02). I bought mine for $6.99 at Ulta.

Skin Tone is the type of product name that makes me rage a little inside - "skin tone" is not one color! (This shade is likely a good match for light to medium skin) I apply this by patting a little bit of product onto my lids and it blends into my fair skintone well with a sheer application, but I don't think the shade is as important when used as a true base shadow because you will be layering product on top of it.

I have mixed feelings about this product so let's break it down into a good ol' pros and cons list:

1. The yellow leaning beige shade does help mask discoloration and veins in my eyelids, which helps me look more awake
2. This is the most emollient eyeshadow base I have ever tried
3. Price - NYX is a great affordable brand for trying out new types of products

1. The formula is so emollient that it feels greasy and is prone to creasing.
2. Pots like this are not hygienic and can get gross pretty quickly!
3. Not a great primer, but an okay color correcting base


Swatches done over bare, unprimed skin with my finger.

The bottom line
is that NYX Eyeshadow Base is not for everyone - the uniquely emollient formula may be a blessing or a curse. I would not recommend for anyone with oily or normal lids and would encourage those with dry eyelids to consider it. I hope this review helped you decide if this product might be for you!

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