Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inglot neutral shimmer eyeshadows: 402 pearl, 31 shine, 419 pearl

Today I bring to you my review of the only 3 non-matte Inglot eyeshadows I own: 402 Pearl (taupe), 31 Shine (gold), and 419 Pearl (olive green). 402 P and 419 P contain 2.7 grams of product, and 31 S contains 3.2 grams of product. I purchased each of these eyeshadows from Beautylish for $7.

  • 402 Pearl, a golden mid tone taupe
  • 31 Shine, a sparkly light bronze gold
  • 419 Pearl, a tarnished golden olive 

While I don't wear eyeshadows with a shimmery finish often on a day to day basis, I reach for these on special occasions and holidays. I love golden toned earthy shades in the fall and around the holidays. The formula of these pearl eyeshadows demonstrates how Inglot got its stellar reputation - these deliver creamy, opaque, lasting color with a uniform finish. 402 and 31 are both excellent in formulation, but I find that 419 is superior by a small but material margin. I haven't had any issues with fallout from the Pearl formula and very minimal fallout with the Shine formula. I would guess that this is because the Pearl formula has a more metallic finish, while the Shine formula has more of a sparkle finish.


Swatches done with my finger over bare, unprimed skin. From left to right, Inglot #402 Pearl, #31 Shine, #419 Pearl.
See how each of these three shades shines in the light? Inglot #419 is particularly refined and complex, with the olive green base appearing more rich and golden in the light.

Overall, I recommend pearl finish Inglot eyeshadows in general and these shades specifically. These are worth the $7 price tag and then some.

If you want to see my full Inglot eyeshadow collection, check out my Inglot eyeshadow roundup.  Happy shopping!

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