Friday, September 5, 2014

Lorac Haul: Peach Blush, Star Quality, Serenity, & Pewter Eyeshadow swatches

I wanted to share my Lorac haul from the VIP sale page - I got their blush in Peach and single eyeshadows in Star Quality, Serenity, and Pewter. Lorac offers free shipping on orders of any size which makes it so easy to sneak sale items into your shopping cart. I was so excited about my order that I took pictures quickly right out of the box! Pardon my dirty windowsill :)

Lorac's Peach blush is a matte pure peach. This blush looks a little more orange in real life than it photographs, and comes off on the cheeks as a warm peach. Star Quality is a shimmery light gold without overly yellow or brassy undertones. Serenity is a shimmery rose gold and is warmer than Star Quality. Pewter is a shimmery pewter grey that leans taupey purple.

All three eyeshadows have a shimmer finish, but Star Quality and Serenity are more shimmery than Pewter. I personally wish that the eyeshadows had a more subtle satin finish, so I likely won't be purchasing more. I have no complaints about the quality based on my first couple times using these, but the finish isn't my ideal preference for everyday wear.

All four products were swatched with my finger over NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the top and bare, unprimed skin on the bottom. I find that a white sticky base like Milk really helps the light shimmer shades pop.

I hope these quick photos and swatches are helpful to you - Happy shopping!

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