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Inglot Nude Matte Eyeshadows: 353, 341, 390, 344, 358

Today I bring you swatches and a review of my Inglot nude matte eyeshadows. My Inglot mattes are workhorses in my collection and get used frequently. The Inglot matte eyeshadow formula is a meat and potatoes formulation - absolutely functional but lacking the superlatives of luxury. In this post, I have swatches of 353 M, 341 M, 390 M, 344 M, and 358 M. Frustratingly, Inglot assigns their color products numbers instead of names, leaving only an initial to hint at the finish.

 I own quite a few Inglot eyeshadows, and this group is what I would recommend to someone building their collection of neutrals in a 5 pan freedom palette. In the same way that Urban Decay's Naked Basics is a great companion palette, these shades work well paired with any look and are very versatile.

Product Details:
  • Rectangular pans (can fit 5 across in a Z palette 4U/medium)
  • Pans are magnetized 
  • 2.3 grams / .08 oz of product per pan (for comparison, a MAC eyeshadow pan contains 1.5g)
  • $7 per pan
  • I buy mine on Beautylish because of the palette builder feature on their website, can also be purchased on the Inglot website
L to R: Inglot matte eyeshadows: 353, 341, 390, 344, 358
  • 353 M - matte yellow tinged beige
  • 341 M - matte warm toned peach
  • 390 M - matte neutral light brown
  • 344 M - matte rosy brown
  • 358 M - matte cool toned purple brown 
Of these 5 shades, I think that 353 is the least unique - Urban Decay Foxy is a little more yellow, Urban Decay Walk of Shame is a little more pink, Wet N Wild brulee is less yellow and more vanilla, Stila Wind is less yellow and more opaque. I use these types of shades frequently, but anyone with a makeup collection probably has this shade in abundance.

On the other hand, 344 is the most unique of the bunch. The rosy brown shade is not too warm and is a perfect crease color. The only shade I have in my collection that is even a little similar is Laura Mercier Cashmere, which is lighter and less warm toned.

341 is probably my most used shade of the lot - I usually use it as an all over lid color. I find that it pairs especially well with Urban Decay Freelove. I use 390 mostly as a blending transition color and I find that it excels with blending out the edges of cream eyeshadows. I use it often to blend out my Laura Mercier caviar sticks or Milani shadow eyez pencils. 358 is also a great crease color and is the perfect shade for darkening up the outer third of the lid for a work appropriate smokey eye.


As always, swatches are on bare, unprimed skin.

 L To R: Inglot matte eyeshadow swatches: 353, 341, 390, 344, 358

 L To R: Inglot matte eyeshadow swatches: 353, 341, 390, 344, 358

Overall, I do recommend these, but not without some reservations:

  • Great value 
  • Lots of product in the pan
  • Huge shade selection
  • Solid formula for the price
  • Packaging - I'm not a fan of the Inglot Freedom System packaging, so I keep mine in a Z palette
  • Formula is overall decent, but lacking in the luxurious smoothness (notably, Laura Mercier) or the luxurious buttery texture (notably, Lorac or Urban Decay) found in other brands' formulas. This formula can also be a little powdery.
  • Sucky naming convention
If you want to see my full Inglot eyeshadow collection, check out my Inglot eyeshadow roundup.  Happy shopping!

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