Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hakuhodo B 5521 BkSL Pointed Highlight Brush Review

The Hakuhodo B5521 BkSl brush is a small tapered egg shaped brush that comes to a gentle point at the top of the brush head. This brush is listed on the manufacturer's website as a highlight brush, but is also perfect for contouring, powdering small areas, and precise blush placement. I purchased this brush on the Hakuhodo USA website for $35. All of the brush pictures in this post were taken after about two months of daily use with multiple washings.

Brush Details:
  • Price - $35
  • Dimensions - Full Length: 169mm, Hair Length: 33.0mm, Thickness: 13.0mm
  • Handle - Wood
  • Ferrule - Nickel, Brass/Silver
  • Hair - Natural (Blue Squirrel, Goat / Sokoho)

Brand overview:

Hakuhodo is a premier Japanese brush brand that creates high quality handmade brushes. They make brushes for other brands and also sell their own line. Within the Hakuhodo line, they have a variety of collections, ranging from basic staples to more luxurious and visually interesting pieces. Each collection of brushes, called a series, varies in types of brush hairs and handles, but is consistent in quality. All of their brushes are handmade with uncut bristles, resulting in impeccable quality and softness. Their prices are mid to high end, with prices competitive to brushes made by MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, and the like. Hakuhodo's website is unique in the amount of detailed information about each brush - they release precise dimensions, types of hairs, materials in the handle and ferrule, and ideal usage. For more information, I highly recommend going to the Hakuhodo website and spending some time reading about the company.

My thoughts:

This was one of the brushes I purchased in my first Hakuhodo order, and I am so happy I picked it up. At the time of my order, Hakuhodo was starting to phase in numbering the handle of each brush. Each of the five brushes I chose came with a numbered handle, which is really nice! I always have a hard time remembering the correct number for a product *shakes fist at Inglot*, so clear labeling is a plus.

In terms of packaging, the brushes I ordered were shipped securely and packaged well. Each brush head came with a plastic protector for shape and was enclosed in a sealed plastic sleeve. The plastic brush packages were in a pretty purple and orange box with tissue paper, which felt like opening a gift. The Hakuhodo USA website charged $9 for shipping, but the order was packaged well and arrived quickly. I wish they had a free shipping threshold, but .... I will order from them in the future anyway.

The B5521 brush feels like luxury: the handle has a nice weight, the ferrule joins with the handle seamlessly and securely, the bristles are shaped perfectly, and it is soft. Hakuhodo brushes are the softest I own, and this is one of the softest Hakuhodos I have felt, thanks to the Blue Squirrel in the brush head. I have dry, fair skin with quite a bit of natural redness and intermittent eczema and this is one of the only cheek brushes I have used that does not exacerbate redness or introduce any sensitivity. The brush is a pleasure to use and a versatile shape.

Overall, I love this brush and use it daily. The B5521 is a must-have for me and I can't stop talking about how great it is.

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