Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Inglot Gel Eyeliner # 89 Brown and # 77 Black review & swatches

Inglot's AMC matte eyeliner gel is one of my favorite formulas with a friendly price tag. I bought two shades - #89, a warm dark brown, and #77, a true black, on Beautylish.

Inglot is a Polish company and has a strong presence around the world, so these products are pretty easy to track down. I bought very traditional colors, but the line contains 22 shades so there is something for everyone! Inglot gel liners are a great value - 5.5 grams / .19 oz for $12, which comes out to $63.16 per ounce. By comparison, Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner goes for $24 for .1oz ($240 per ounce), Mac Fluidline costs $16 for .1oz ($160 per ounce), and Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner goes for $9.99 for .1oz ($99.90 per ounce). Inglot's pot of gel eyeliner comes with almost double the amount of product most gel eyeliners have at a reasonable price. Plus, their color selection rocks!


Inglot gel liners come in a simple transparent plastic pot with a shiny black lid. The opening in the top of the pot is much wider than many other gel liners or cream shadows, making it easy to get a brush in. The lid screws onto the pot easily and securely, which prevents premature drying. This packaging is nothing special, but is perfectly functional. I have had mine for about 9 months and the formula hasn't dried out at all.

AMC Matte #77

#77 is a classic black that goes on an opaque black. The texture is smooth, creamy, and emollient, but not overly so. These don't feel greasy or migrate easily on the lid. I find the texture a dream to work with using an angled brush or a push liner brush. My one caveat with this shade is that I don't like it for tightlining. When I use this product in my upper lashline or waterline, I will get some transfer to the lower lashline after about 6 - 8 hours. Used on the eyelid, I get 10 - 12 hours of wear with no smudging or transfer. If you want a truly waterproof black gel liner that will be bulletproof on a long day, your search isn't over unless you have dry eyelids.

AMC Matte #89

#89 is a deep warm chocolate brown. The formula with this shade has everything I love with #77, but with superior lasting power. I tightline with this in my upper lashline often and can rely on this product to wear perfectly for 10 - 12 hours. I do wish this brown shade was more neutral because I find myself reaching for warm browns more in the summer and fall, but less in the winter and spring.

Swatches done on bare, unprimed skin with a synthetic angled brush. #77 black is on the left, #89 brown is on the right.

Inglot gel eyeliner is a classic no-brainer beauty purchase - would you like almost double the amount of product at a low price with a high quality formula? Me too. I give #77 black an A- and #89 brown an A+!

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