Friday, September 26, 2014

Hakuhodo J521 Eyeliner Brush (D1 Flat) review

Hakuhodo's J 521 eyeliner brush has the smallest brush head in my collection, but is one of the most useful on a daily basis. This brush is designed for very controlled thin eyeliner placement, making it perfect for tightlining. Tightlining looks incredibly natural and adds subtle definition to the eye by placing product in between the upper lashes. This brush makes tightlining effortless and leaves you with fuller looking lashes and a defined eye. I bought mine from the Hakuhodo USA website for $14.

Brush Details:
  • Price - $14
  • Dimensions - Full Length: 132.3mm, Hair Length: 2.3mm, Thickness: 1.3mm
  • Handle - Wood
  • Ferrule - Nickel, Brass/Silver
  • Hair - Natural (Horse)

All of the photos in this post were taken after a few months' of use and multiple washing. The bottom photo that shows an up close of the bristles was taken while the brush was dirty.

Hakuhodo is a highly reputable Japanese company that creates hand made brushes. In my previous post about Hakuhodo (B5521 tapered highlight brush review), I explain more about the company.

Brush Review:

What makes the J521 eyeliner brush unique is its shape - the short brush head is slightly concave, which allows the brush to hug the lashline and distribute product evenly. I use this brush for either gel liner or traditional pencil eyeliner. For gel eyeliner, I tap the brush lightly into the liner pot and then use gentle back and forth motions to stipple and massage the liner into my lashline. For pencil eyeliner, I will dot the pencil in my lashline and then use the brush to lightly blend the liner into the lashline. I have very sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses daily, and this brush is soft enough to not irritate my eyes, but has enough resistance to maintain precision.

Overall, if you like precise liner, you need one (or two). I can't find a flaw in this brush - as always with Hakuhodo, you can expect impeccable construction and high quality.

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