Sunday, August 20, 2017

New Make Up For Ever $2 refillable palettes (artist face color refillable case) S & XL review

Hi guys, this is going to be a quick post, I wanted to show the new Make Up For Ever $2 palettes. These palettes are designed to be refillable cases for the artist face color range, but I picked up two to use as travel palettes for other depotted makeup. At $2 each (without having to buy the MUFE blushes/bronzer/highlight pans!) they are a great deal.

Small palette / empty single size (magnetic area ~2 1/4 in long x 1 3/8 in wide)

 I was so excited when I saw promo pictures for the small palette, because I've been wanting a travel option for my Inglot single blush. It normally lives in my large MAC palette, but that palette is too large for travel. Last time I took my Inglot blush on a trip, it broke (good as new with rubbing alcohol & time!). The Inglot freedom system blushes DO fit in the new Make Up For Ever palettes! The pan size seems identical, but the Inglot pan seems a hair deeper. Even though the pan sticks up a little on the edge, the palette shuts with no problem at all.

The small palette has a little semicircle at the top edge so you can stick a pin down to get your pan back out. The front cover window is transparent and hard plastic. The closure is a clasp you press in to open, I would not be worried about this coming open in your bag.

Extra Large XL palette / empty trio size (magnetic area ~3 3/4 in long x 2 1/4 in wide)

The XL palette is a great size for taking a few items out of a larger palette for a weekend trip. The XL is designed for 3 MUFE artist face colors and has an opaque lid with a nice mirror inside.

Sorry about the bad photo quality, I just wanted to quickly show the XL palette with a few other shapes of items. In addition to 3 Inglot freedom system pans or MUFE artist face color pans, you could do 2 Benefit face colors plus a few eyeshadows (these are Too Faced base shades from their 9 pan palettes) or you could do eyeshadows (shown with a standard round Urban Decay single and a Laura Mercier single). Also shown for size comparison below, a Bare Minerals ready eyeshadow pan depot and Wet N Wild single on the left and a standard size face powder depot (L'Oreal True Match) on the right. Check out reviews on reddit (r/makeupaddiction)  as well - I have seen users fit 6 rectangular Inglot eyeshadows or 6 standard round eyeshadows into the XL size.

Comparison to other empty magnetic palettes I have:  
  • Z Palette 4U - I actually regret my Z Palette. The front window is flimsy and the internal fabric/coating on the cardboard is not sturdy or easy to clean. I think this size is about $20, which is way too much for what it is.
  • MAC Pro Palette Large - The MAC pro palettes are heavy plastic, sturdy, and affordable, but iffy from a magnet standpoint. I use non MAC items in mine with magnet tape, but the magnet isn't secure enough for travel. 
  • Make Up For Ever Palettes - Super sturdy, great magnet, reasonable prices, available in many sizes. I think MUFE is making the best value freeform magnetic palettes on the market.
Overall, I'm really happy with these. The small is a great alternative to the Inglot Freedom System single blush palette and the extra large is the perfect size for a travel bag. The quality is great and I can't believe they are selling them separately for $2!

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