Saturday, August 23, 2014

Easy DIY Project Idea: Makeup Brush Roll

I admit, I'm not an accomplished seamstress, but I was motivated to make my own brush roll out of leftover fabric scraps from my bag when I saw how expensive branded brush rolls are. All of these pieces were from my scrap bag, so I'm not sure how much fabric I used in all. You can use any amount of fabric you like, because you can scale this brush roll to work for your brush collection!

Storing makeup brushes in a brush roll can be a great way to keep the dust off and is also a compact storage solution. I made my brush roll for traveling to ensure my brushes don't lose their shape or get dirty in my makeup bag. Pro tip: brush rolls are also a great place to store eyeliners, lipliners, and other makeup items when you travel!

What I used:

- 1 piece of cream muslin (interior)

- 1 piece of teal canvas (brush slots)

- 1 piece of brown linen (back)

- 1 piece of baby quilt (lightweight) batting

- 1 piece of cream ribbon

- Standard sewing supplies (sewing machine, thread, pins, rotary cutter and board)

How to make your own makeup brush roll:

This isn't a pattern, but a general description of steps I used. I recommend measuring the height of brushes in your collection and custom making this to be the size that works for you!

Cut your interior piece, your batting, and your exterior piece all the same size and cut your brush slots piece about half the width and the same length as the others. Sew the brush slot piece along the bottom edge of the interior piece and then sew your vertical slots the size to fit your brushes. Tack the batting to the back of the interior piece. Fill your backless brush roll with brushes and roll it up. Measure your ribbon tie around the filled brush roll and cut your ribbon. Don't forget to make sure your ribbon tie won't fray - I used clear nail polish. Lay your interior piece with the brush slots facing inward on top of your exterior piece and sandwich the ribbon tie in between the layers. Sew around most of the rectangle, leaving yourself a small hole. Reach through the hole and turn your brush roll right side out again. Sew up your gap. All done!

Learn from my mistakes:

I don't recommend choosing such a light interior color of fabric because it will get dirty. I also don't recommend using a fabric like linen - a heavier weight like canvas will be more durable in the long run and will be easier for an amateur seamstress to work with. I clearly didn't do a good job with precise measuring, pinning, and ironing, so take your time with the prep work if you want a more professional result. I do think that adding a small amount of batting to the interior was a good move because it protects my brushes without adding excessive bulk.

This is an easy DIY brush roll - even someone who is inexperienced with sewing can handle this quick project. For the record, this took me two episodes of the Amazing Race to finish. I can't be the only one that watches TV while I do craft projects, right? Good luck!

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