Friday, February 19, 2016

Review: Wet n Wild take on the day mattifying translucent powder compact

I was shopping at Target a few weeks ago and saw the Wet N Wild Fergie Take On The Day mattifying powder on clearance. Wet N Wild is phasing out the Fergie line and putting the products in different packaging into their regular line, so retailers are clearing out the old packaging. I was almost out of my beloved Essence All About Matt translucent mattifying powder compact, but Target doesn't sell Essence and this one was on clearance for $1.40 so I figured I would try it out instead.

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Product details:
  • .21oz / 6 grams
  • Key ingredient: silica
  • Promises: mattifying, light reflecting, oil absorbing, minimizes shine
  • Included: powder puff, no mirror
Reading the claims on the package got me really excited - I have dry skin, so I am all for a powder that is mattifying but not dry looking on the skin. Unfortunately, I regret this purchase, even for $1.40. This powder does not live up to its claims and isn't a very good product at all. 

Reason #1: Look at these swatches!

(A quick note about swatching translucent powder - you have to pick up quite a bit of powder to see what I'm talking about. Don't apply translucent powder to your face this heavily or it can stop being translucent.)

You swirl your finger across the powder, it feels soft and silky, and then you look at your finger. ouch. I wish I could say that a brush or sponge picks up product better than a finger, but no such luck. I have no idea why this powder is so hard to pick up, but what you do pick up instantly settles into lines or puffs away in the air into nothing. I have no idea what the deal is with this formula, but this sucks.

For reference, a similar amount of swirling in the pan with my favorite Essence All About Matt powder:

Yep. The Essence powder needs just a tap of a brush or sponge to pick up all the powder you need and even aggressive jabbing at the Wet N Wild powder doesn't get you very far. Small silver lining - it is so hard to pick up product that it would take serious effort to make it look white and chalky on the skin. This is the first powder texture I have touched that is soft and silky but picks up like a crazy hard pressed MAC LE powder.

Reason #2: This "mattifying" powder is sparkly! 

Zoom in on that and tell me what you think - pretty darn shimmery for a matte powder, right? Let's review the 4 main claims of this powder:
  1. Mattifying - nope. The powder leaves a soft focus luminous finish and the shimmer particles accentuate pores around my cheeks and nose. 
  2. Light reflecting - half credit. The light reflecting effect is pretty on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and chin, but the shimmer particles aren't very well refined so the effect isn't especially subtle or special. If you tend to look dead in office lighting and want a luminous setting powder, this might be worth the money for you.
  3. Oil absorbing - nope. The powder is hard to pick up on a brush and hard to apply because it dusts away to nothing in a breeze (only half joking...) so it doesn't have a good oil absorbing effect.
  4. Minimizes shine - not even close. I feel more shiny 30 minutes after applying than I did before applying. Unrefined shimmer that looks like Edward Cullen in full sun and emphasizes pores is the exact opposite of minimizing shine. 
In summary, anyone who is looking for a matte, oil absorbing powder is going to be disappointed. If you are looking for a luminous setting powder or a super duper subtle highlight for a low price, go ahead and try it, but be warned that the finish isn't refined and the texture absolutely betrays the product's price tag. If shimmer in products bothers you or tends to emphasize your pores, don't even bother at a clearance price.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I have super oily skin and have been really impressed with a few other Wet n Wild products. I have even thought about picking this one up, so I'm glad to know ahead of time that it's not a very good product. Thanks! :)

    1. Glad this was helpful! I really wouldn't recommend it for oily skin :/


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