Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Matte beige eyeshadow mega comparison - Urban Decay Walk of Shame dupes

I have been looking for a dupe of my beloved Urban Decay Walk of Shame eyeshadow for a long, long time. Today I have for you a mega comparison of all of the similar eyeshadow shades in my collection. This post compares Too Faced Fresh Linen, Too Faced All I Want for Christmas (LE), Urban Decay Foxy, Urban Decay Walk of Shame, Wet N Wild Brulee, Stila Wind, Inglot 353 M, Smashbox Vanilla, and Bare Minerals Ahhh.

What I like about WOS

Walk of Shame (WOS) is my perfect all over base lid shade. WOS is a pink toned light vanilla beige that is the perfect match for my skintone. The texture is smooth and silky, forgiving on dry eyelids, and is pigmented. If you want to see more a more detailed description of the formula of WOS, check out my comparison to Wet N Wild Brulee and my review of Urban Decay Naked Basics.

Comparisons to WOS

  •  Too Faced Fresh Linen - fresh linen is matte, has a silky thin texture, and is a light ballet pink beige. Compared to walk of shame, fresh linen is lighter, cooler toned, more pink, and has a thinner texture. 
  • Too Faced All I Want For Christmas (LE) - is from a Too Faced holiday collection and I have included it because Too Faced re-promotes shades like this in palettes frequently. All I Want For Christmas is very similar to Fresh Linen but is more vanilla beige than ballet pink and is lighter than walk of shame. 
  • Urban Decay Foxy - foxy is a matte warm toned buttercup yellow beige. Compared to walk of shame, foxy is slightly more powdery and substantially more yellow. 
  •  Wet N Wild Brulee - brulee is a neutral matte ivory beige. Brulee is extremely similar to walk of shame in color but is slightly darker and less pink. I think these are 90% + similar, but walk of shame offers more slip and a silkier texture. 
  • Stila Wind - wind is a matte peachy ivory. Compared to walk of shame, wind is more warm and peachy and has a more dense texture. 
  • Inglot 353 M - 353 is a light matte yellow leaning ivory. Compared to walk of shame, 353 is lighter, more yellow, more powdery, and can look more chalky. I have a full review of 353 here if you want to read more.
  • Smashbox Vanilla - vanilla is a classic neutral light ivory matte. Compared to walk of shame, vanilla is less pink and more powdery. 
  • Bare Minerals Ahhh - ahhh is a subtle satin finish light ballet pink. Compared to fresh linen, ahhh is more pigmented and has a satin finish. Compared to walk of shame, ahhh is more pink, cooler toned, lighter, and has a satin finish. 
So far the best alternatives to walk of shame I have found are Wet N Wild Brulee, Stila Wind, and Smashbox Vanilla, though I still prefer walk of shame because the color is perfect for my skintone and I love the Urban Decay formula. If walk of shame is too cool toned (pink) for you, try Urban Decay Foxy and if walk of shame isn't pink enough for you, Too Faced Fresh Linen or Bare Minerals Ahhh might be perfect for you.

Have you found a good dupe for Walk of Shame? Leave me a comment - I am always looking to try more!


  1. I have to admit, I haven't touched my Naked Basics palette since I purchased it. It's because I'm absolutely rubbish in shadow application - everything just becomes muddy. After seeing your love for WOS, I'm going to take the palette out again and practice some more.

    1. Naked Basics looks underwhelming in the packaging but is so versatile! I'm glad you are giving it another chance :)

  2. I'm also looking for a perfect dupe for WOS. Creme Brulee doesn't do it for me.


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