Friday, July 17, 2015

Jordana Easyliner for Eyes automatic eyeliner pencil - Khaki & Coffee Bean

I love trying out affordable retractable eyeliner pencils, so I picked up 2 Jordana Easyliner for Eyes eyeliners last time I was at Walgreens. I chose Coffee Bean, a matte dark brown, and Khaki, a cool toned grey. These retail for $2.49 each.

  • Affordable automatic eyeliner pencil option
  • Pretty good color selection (no nude shade)
  • Emollient enough to apply smoothly, waxy enough to stay put
  • Easy to tightline with - doesn't clump up in the lashes
  • Transfer to the lower lashline after 6-8 hours of wear (mild to moderate)
  • I don't live close to a Walgreens (have to stop in when I visit my mom)

 Jordana Easyliner for Eyes: Khaki (left) and Coffee Bean (right) in indoor natural lighting

 Jordana Easyliner for Eyes: Khaki (left) and Coffee Bean (right) in outdoor natural lighting

 Jordana Easyliner for Eyes applied: Coffee Bean on the top lashline, Khaki on the bottom lashline

The swatches on my hand were done straight from the pencil on bare, unprimed skin. The eye look shows Coffee Bean on my top lash line, khaki on my lower lash line, Cover Girl clump crusher extensions mascara, and Maybelline bad to the bronze color tattoo.

Overall, good for the price. I don't see myself picking up any more shades because of the lower lashline transferring, but these are a solid option for those on a budget or trying out a new shade.

If matte eyeliners aren't your favorite, I also like the Physician's Formula automatic shimmery eyeliners.

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