Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nude matte cream eyeshadow base comparison

Matte cream eyeshadow bases are handy products to have on call - they act as an eyelid neutralizer, hiding redness and veins, while also serving as a primer. Today I have 4 options to compare for you: the Maybelline Color Tattoo in 250 Nude Pink (LE), MAC Painterly Paint Pot, NYX Eyeshadow Base in 03 Skin Tone, and Milani Shadow Eyez in 10 Almond Cream. Each shade works as a "nude" color on my fair skin, but the shades aren't universal - look for something that matches your skin color and undertone.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Nude Pink

This Maybelline Color Tattoo was limited edition, but I included it here in case you can find it at a discount outlet or Maybelline repromotes in a future collection. Nude Pink is in line with the formula found in other matte Color Tattoos - I find it pigmented, dry, unforgiving of lid texture, tricky to blend, and extremely long lasting. I would skip for anyone with dry or textured eyelids, but the formula might be a dream for those with super oily eyelids. Patting the product in with your finger mitigates the issues caused with the dry formula.

I own 3 matte Color Tattoos and find the formula to be dry and troublesome - overall a C- grade for me. I very much enjoy the shimmery Color Tattoo formula, however.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

MAC Painterly is a cult product in the MAC line, and for good reason. Painterly is more emollient and forgiving than the Color Tattoo but offers equally great pigmentation and longevity. MAC Paint Pots are versatile, easy to use, and stay emollient for a long time after opening. My only issue is that the product can make my eyelids look crepey or heavy when I am experiencing dryness, so I would be cautious to recommend to those with more mature skin or very dry skin. Painterly works well as an eyeshadow primer and also works alone.

I would absolutely consider buying more Paint Pots - overall a A- grade for me.

NYX Eyeshadow Base in 03 Skin Tone

The NYX eyeshadow base formula is the most emollient formula I have ever found in this category of product. I have dry skin and this product is so emollient it feels greasy on me. I experience eyeshadow creasing quickly with this base due to the amount of slip. Additionally, this product is the least pigmented of the four compared here. I would only recommend for someone with super dry lids, and then only with caution.

A greasy miss for me - overall a D.

Milani Shadow Eyez in 10 Almond Cream

I wish Milani wouldn't resort to naming their products with teenager level misspellings. I feel juvenile just typing it out. Crotchety old lady complaints aside, the Milani formula balances pigmentation and slip really well. I find it to be a little less emollient than the Paint Pot formula, but looks similar in texture once applied to the lids. Similarly to the Paint Pot and Color Tattoo, this formula can make the lids look heavy or dry if you are experiencing dry skin or have textured lids. I find the longevity to be excellent, both when worn as an eyeshadow base and alone. Additionally, the jumbo pencil format works well if you want to use it on the lower lashline or waterline.

The best in the drugstore - overall a B+ grade for me. 


As always, swatches were done on bare, unprimed skin.

As you can see in the swatches, Nude Pink and Painterly are too pink to blend into my skintone perfectly, but Painterly looks more natural on the lids due to the lighter color. Painterly also carries a slightly grey cast which works well masking redness. NYX 03 looks very yellow on my hand but isn't as pigmented as the other three, so the shade blends into my skin well. Milani's Almond Cream is the lightest and most neutral of the three, making it my favorite color of the bunch.

The good: MAC Paint Pots & Milani Shadow Eyez

The bad: NYX Eyeshadow Bases & Maybelline matte Color Tattoos


  1. What a useful review. That helped a lot. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the review and swatches! Regarding dry products...Have you discovered Inglot Duraline? It's a miracle product! It's a liquid silicone that brings back to life any dried-out potted product. Try it! Also, about the spelling of "Eyez"...Many times, companies aren't trying to be cute when they use such spellings. It's usually a matter of copyrights and trademarks. They can't use the spelling they wish because someone else has registered a name for a similar product with the same spelling. (I'm a paralegal who specializes in intellectual property rights.) Or, in this case, they might be doing a play on "shadow-ize."


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