Thursday, July 9, 2015

Don't buy the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette on Ebay

Just don't, guys. Whenever Urban Decay comes out with a new Naked palette (like this year's Naked Smoky), I have a giggle at all of the internet knockoffs. Then I remember that there are plenty of well meaning people out there spending their hard earned money on overpriced pre orders and dangerous counterfeits, and it makes me want to write this post.
Authentic Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette picture - don't get fooled by a counterfeit!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky is coming out on the Urban Decay website on July 8, 2015, online at Ulta on July 12, and in stores July 16. Other authorized retailers like Sephora and department stores will likely have similar timelines to Ulta. The palette is $54, contains 12 .05oz shades, and is in the permanent line.

Why you shouldn't buy Urban Decay Naked Smoky on Ebay: 

1. Expensive pre orders are a waste of money. Over retail price pre orders are flooding Ebay right now, with prices up to double retail. Many of these don't ship for a month or more! If you live in the US, save your money and wait another week or two to purchase from an authorized retailer that will get you your palette faster. Plus, you know it will be real.

2. Don't buy the internet hype that you have to buy rightthissecond. I see tons of online postings with false information that drive the hype, most commonly people claiming the palette is limited edition. Don't worry, this one is permanent!

2.5 Expect hot new releases to go in & out of stock. Retailers also try to drive hype and limit quantities at initial releases. Don't panic when retailers "sell out" of a product on the first day - it will come back into stock. Don't let the artificial quantity and PR buzz drive you to pay double on ebay!

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3. There are TONS of counterfeit products online. Makeup counterfeiting is (unfortunately) really popular. The sweet spot of counterfeit makeup products is the convergence of mass appeal and healthy margins. This means that brands like MAC, NARS, Benefit, and Urban Decay, particularly with cult products like the naked palette, are frequently faked.

Not only are counterfeit products made with lower quality ingredients, less pigment, and more fillers, fake cosmetics are often dangerous. Seized and tested counterfeit cosmetic products have recently been found to have dangerous levels of lead, cyanide, arsenic, mercury, copper, cadmium, rat droppings, and many other toxic substances. The toxic ingredients in these knockoffs can cause irritation, rashes, allergic reactions, and other serious health problems.

Be very cautious buying makeup from anywhere other than authorized retailers - counterfeit cosmetics pop up online everywhere, on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Craigslist, and knockoff websites. Always read product listings carefully - incorrect spellings (like "pallet" instead of "palette"), incorrect product information, and poor or no return policies and customer service are red flags.

Before buying on Ebay (or anywhere):

4. Do your research. Be honest with yourself - do you want a new palette because you will get good use out of it or are you interested because everyone on the internet says so? Do your research and look up swatches and reviews before buying. I recommend checking out Temptalia's review of Naked Smoky and Phyrra's Naked Smoky swatches.

5. Check out more affordable alternatives. If Urban Decay's Naked palettes are out of your price range, I highly recommend looking at more affordable alternatives instead of dangerous counterfeit "dupes". If you want to find similar shades to one in a palette, I highly recommend both Inglot and Makeup Geek. Both companies offer high quality, affordable eyeshadows as singles or in custom palettes with a wide array of colors. I also highly recommend checking out indie companies, like Fyrinnae or Shiro Cosmetics, particularly for shimmery eyeshadows and complex duochromes.

If you have your heart set on Naked Smoky, but can wait a little while, hold out for 20% off. Urban Decay does a 20% off Friends & Family sale, Ulta has occasional 20% off coupons, and Sephora does a 20% off VIB sale.  Plus, you can use Shop Discover, Ebates, or a similar program to stack some cash back rewards on top of your purchase if you time it right.

There are some great deals on Ebay, just be careful. Make sure you read through the seller's feedback, return policy, and the whole product listing. Remember that if it sounds like too good of a deal to be true, it probably is! Happy shopping everyone!

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