Monday, July 6, 2015

An open letter to Urban Decay: please release a single of Walk of Shame (WOS) eyeshadow

Dear Urban Decay intern who might hopefully find this,

I adore my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and I have hit some serious pan on my beloved Walk of Shame eyeshadow. WOS is easily my most used shade in the palette - I use it as an all over eyelid base shade to neutralize my lids and make blending easier. WOS is the perfect beige for my skintone and the formula is absolutely dreamy.

Like many makeup addicts that have come before me, I checked your website to see if you sell WOS in a single pan and was disapointed. What really twisted the knife though was seeing that you used to sell a Walk of Shame single when you first released the 6 pan customizable palettes.

So, I'm begging you UD, please sell the WOS single again!

Let's be honest, this can benefit both of us. I can buy the eyeshadow I love and will happily pay the price - $18 for .05 oz ($360/ounce!). You can get me to pay that price, which is more per ounce than in the palette - $29 for 6 .05 oz shades ($96/ounce). Me = happy, you = killer profit margins!

So whaddaya say Urban Decay? Will you please just take my money?

xoxo - AM

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