Monday, August 18, 2014

Inglot Freedom System Blush # 20 (Matte Pink) review & swatches

Inglot freedom system blushes are a great value - .21 oz (6 grams) for $10, which is $47.62 per ounce. They are sold in individual rectangle shaped pans and are labeled by number. As with all Inglot Freedom System products, you can buy a compact or Inglot palette to go with it. I keep my Inglot blush with other blush depots in my MAC palette. I keep my depotted blush pans safely in place with magnetic tape, which you can see here.

When I originally looked at the Inglot blush offerings, I wasn't too impressed - most of them looked shimmery and many colors looked much too deep for fair skin. Shade #20 won by default - an inoffensive matte neutral pink. I admit I was overwhelmed by all of the options and had a hard time keeping all of the numbers straight while I was browsing online. If you can look at these at a counter, do it! Inglot does make quite a few shades, so I think there is something for everyone in the lineup.

Shade #20 is a mid tone neutral leaning warm muted pink. It is pigmented enough to show up on fair - light - medium skintones, but not deep enough to overwhelm porcelain skin. I doubt it would be deep enough to show up well on medium - deep skintones. This particular shade isn't very special and could be found in many other brands' blush lineups. Even so, this type of pink is a classic staple shade for a reason - it is a great everyday blush option that gives a healthy flush.

The powder feels very soft, is nicely pigmented, and is easy to blend. I have no concerns with lasting power. The one downside to the softness of this formula is that it does get powdery. It is possible to mitigate this issue by using a more loosely packed brush with a sweeping motion, but it will still kick up a little powder. Overall, I think the quality of this product is decent but not stellar.


 On the left: Inglot blush #20 layered swatch, blended swatch is on the right

Bottom line, I like the shade more than the formula. #20 is a flattering basic everyday pink shade that will satisfy the masses and bore makeup junkies.

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