Sunday, November 15, 2015

BESTOPE makeup brushes update

You know how I halfheartedly recommended the knockoff Amazon BESTOPE makeup brushes about six months ago? My original review said the quality is "competitive with the Elf Studio brush line" and that they are "decent for the price". Well, I haven't published a post like this before, but I would like to rescind that.

After intermittent use and washing intervals that could charitably be described as lazy, these brushes have lost function. The large pencil brush (my most used of the set by a long shot) lost so many bristles in the last washing that it is about half its original density. "Shedding" would be a polite euphemism for the amount of hair lost - the sink in my bathroom reminded me of when I used to give my Barbies haircuts.

So, for the record: I now rank BESTOPE as inferior in quality to the Elf Essentials brush line, dramatically inferior in quality to the Elf Studio line, mileage from a full tank of gas behind the Real Techniques line, and a continent behind my beloved Hakuhodo brushes.

So there you go - even for 4 brushes for $5, these are not worth the price. (A slightly happier ending after the jump).

If you are the type of person who gets a little sad reading bad reviews, I still adore my Benjabelle Daisy brush tree (originally reviewed about a year ago). I think any makeup brush addict would love a brush drying tree and my Daisy is still in perfect shape after more than a year of use. Behold a phone quality picture of it in good use post BESTOPE washing catastrophe.

Have you ever initially thought you liked a product only to change your mind after using it more? I would love to hear your stories!

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