Sunday, May 3, 2015

BESTOPE 4pc eye makeup brush set review

I love buying makeup brushes and I'm a sucker for a good deal. I picked up the Bestope 4 piece eye makeup brush set on Amazon for about $5. It was a bit of a gamble because I couldn't find many reviews on if Bestope makeup brushes are good (or not), but I gave it a go anyway. I have seen the price of the 4pc set vary over time, from $5 to about $8, so keep an eye on the price in your cart for a few days before buying.

The set contains:
  1. Small Tapered Contouring Face Brush- large pencil brush, I use it for concealer
  2. Small Flat Blending Face Brush - flat top stipple / blending brush, this shape is difficult to use and not very practical, it works decent for small area highlighting with a cream product
  3. Small Round Blending Face Brush - round top buffer / blending brush, much too large to use as an eye blending brush, I use it for setting powder over concealer, could also work well for nose contouring or applying an all over lid base / eye primer
  4. Small Angled Contouring Face Brush - slightly angled version of the round top brush, the angle is not cut enough to add value, basically functions as a lopsided round top buffer


The overall quality is decent for the price - I would rate it as competitive with the Elf Studio brush line and inferior to the Real Techniques. All of the brushes have synthetic bristles and a duo fiber tip. These look like Sigma Sigmax knockoffs with larger, less precise brush heads. The handles of the brushes feel like cheap wood and the ferrule isn't joined perfectly seamlessly, but they function just fine. I had  a few uneven bristles sticking out on one brush, but fixed it with a little haircut. I haven't experienced any shedding and they wash and dry quickly. Note: please see my 6 month checkup - these brushes have turned out to shed substantially.

 Left: Sonia Kashuk pencil brush, Right: Bestope small tapered brush

 Left: Bestope small angled brush, Right: Real Techniques angled shadow brush

Left to Right: Real Techniques shading brush, EcoTools concealer brush, Real Techniques setting brush, Real Techniques contour brush, Bestope flat blending brush, and Bestope round blending brush
  • Price (about $1.25 per brush)
  • Decently soft
  • Wash and dry easily 
  • Good value if you would use the brush shapes
  • Each brush is the wrong size for what it is - they are too large to be versatile eye brushes and too small to be versatile face brushes. I have quite a bit of lid space and I wish they were smaller, so anyone with smaller eyes should pass. If you really like specific, targeted application of cream face products, you would probably be able to get good use out of these. 
  • Quality matches the price - which is low, if I'm honest. 
  • A little shady - I tried to do a little digging into Bestope and came up empty handed. I don't know anything about this company except for the fact that they sell cheap knockoffs on Amazon, which is hardly confidence inspiring. 
Overall, these are decent brushes for the price. I only use 2 of the 4 regularly, but they work as promised. I would recommend these for a beginner, traveling, or for someone who uses cream products infrequently but wants a couple synthetics around for occasional use. If synthetic brushes are your jam and will see everyday use, I would spend a little more for Real Techniques instead.

Edit: I have an updated review here after about 6 months of use. Unfortunately, the low initial quality only diminished over time and I have now rescinded my initial tepid recommendation. 

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