Friday, August 7, 2015

Hakuhodo K022 round powder brush review & comparisons

Hakuhodo K022 powder brush
I have had the Hakuhodo K022 powder brush for over a year now and wanted to post my thoughts. The K022 is marketed as a powder brush, but I use it most often for bronzer. In the US, you can buy it on the Hakuhodo USA website (not an affiliate link) or in their retail showroom in California for $38.

Brush Details:
  • Goat hair
  • Wooden handle
  • Nickel and brass silver ferrule 
  • Hakuhodo K series (hence the name K 022)
  • Full length 180mm, brush head length 40mm
  • $38 USD (was a little cheaper when I bought it over a year ago)

Note that neither brush I am showing for comparison is a dupe for the Hakuhodo K022. I am showing the EcoTools blush brush and the Elf studio complexion brush as references for size and utility. I apologize for the dust - my camera really picked it up!

L to R: EcoTools blush brush, Hakuhodo K022, Elf studio complexion brush
L to R: EcoTools blush brush, Hakuhodo K022, Elf studio complexion brush
As you can see in the picture, the EcoTools blush brush has a more tapered subtle fan shape compared to the K022. The Elf studio complexion brush has a much more blunt cut, is less dense, and is much less soft than the K022. All three brushes have pinched ferrules, but the K022 fluffs up past the crimp of the ferrule, while the EcoTools and Elf both taper more gradually to their fullest point. The K022 has the most precise cut and is the softest and fluffiest of the three.

If you are looking for a cheaper or synthetic alternative to the Hakuhodo powder brush, I would recommend the EcoTools blush brush. It is less full, a little less soft, and more tapered, but applies powder cheek products and finishing powder well, and is an overall good value brush.

  • Very well made, soft, nice shape
  • Versatile - I use it mostly for bronzer, but works well as a multitasking face brush for powders
  • Great value/price compared to other Hakuhodo face brushes
  • Kept its shape well through a year + of regular use, washing, and many trips
  • Lettering on the handle shows wear
  • Has lost several bristles over the course of a year (probably mostly my fault, I have traveled with it quite a bit)
  • A bit big for blush if you like precise placement
Overall, I highly recommend this brush and use it often. Great one to consider for a beginner to Hakuhodo!

If you are interested in Hakuhodo brushes, I have a review of the B5521 BkSl tapered highlight brush here, and a review of the J521 eyeliner brush here. Happy shopping!


  1. Great review! I would love to hear your opinion on the difference in softness of the k022 vs the blue squirrel B5521? xx

    1. Great question! The Hakuhodo K022 is less soft and more springy than the B65521. The B5521 is a goat/squirrel blend, so it is softer than pure goat brushes and more resilient than pure squirrel brushes - the goat/squirrel hair blend is a great option for face powders. My pure squirrel hair face brush from Koyudo is softer than both the K022 and B5521, but all three are softer than the Real Techniques blush brush. Hope this helps!


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