Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to save money buying makeup on Amazon

I admit, I'm pretty proud of myself for this killer deal I got on Amazon - I got the Cover Girl Clump Crusher Extensions mascara for free! Amazon has stepped up their makeup & beauty selling game lately, with adding a luxury beauty section, a Korean beauty section, and offering more coupons. I can't resist browsing for makeup deals on Amazon as an add on to what is already in my cart.

So, here is how I got this mascara for so cheap:
  1. Shop around on prices. Cover Girl mascaras are $7.99 at my Ulta. Amazon had the Cover Girl Clump Crusher Extensions in Very Black for $4.89 - already a huge savings! Plus, free shipping as an add on item (you have to buy $25 of stuff).
  2. Check for coupons. Amazon offers makeup coupons! (not an affiliate link, just really effing excited about coupons) FYI, I have Amazon Prime and some coupons are only available to Prime members. They change pretty regularly, but as I am writing this, you can get: $3.00 off a Cover Girl mascara, $3.00 off a Cover Girl Outlast foundation, $1.00 off or 25% off select Tom's of Maine lip products, $3.00 off a Olay ProX or Regenerist product, 15% off select Burt's Bees products, and more. 
  3. Clip coupons. Below each coupon, you can click "clip coupon" and it automatically takes the amount off at checkout. 
  4. Stack any other rewards. I have my Discover card saved on my Amazon account, so I can use my Discover card cash back bonus to check out on Amazon. I like to use my 1% cashback bonus money for online shopping because it feels like a reward. I used cash back bonus on the remaining $1.89 and the mascara was effectively free!

Full price: $7.99, Amazon price $4.89: $3.00 Amazon coupon + $1.89 Discover card cash back = free mascara! Even with no credit card rewards, $1.89 for a Cover Girl mascara is a great deal.

One quick note - be careful of counterfeit cosmetics on Amazon, especially for pricey items! Always make sure to buy cosmetics from an authorized retailer or items directly fulfilled by Amazon. If you recieve an item that feels off to you, contact the seller - counterfeit cosmetics can contain dangerous ingredients.

The moral of the story? Always make sure to check for coupons before you buy! Happy shopping :)

P.S. Amazon has no idea who I am, no one sponsored this. I just love coupons and hunting down deals!

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