Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tony Moly Easy Touch Coloring Browcara 02 Grey Brown review & swatches

Tony Moly Easy Touch Coloring Browcara is a tinted brow gel. Tony Moly is a South Korean beauty brand with a wide range of products, mostly around a drugstore price point. I purchased this item on Rose Rose Shop for around $5.


This product comes in an opaque tube that is nothing special. The wand, however, is a unique shape - the bristles on one side are a traditional spoolie length, and the other side features much longer bristles. The idea is that you can apply the product and then comb it through with the same brush. I think this is a neat concept, but there is too much product on the wand for it to work seamlessly. It works very well when you wipe off the excess before using it.


"Browcara" is a very accurate name for this, because the texture reminds me of a typical dry mascara. I find this to be more of a tinted brow cream than a gel. It is more opaque than most tinted brow gels and it has all day lasting power.


Grey brown (#02) is not a the true taupe shade I anticipated. When I use this, I find that it comes off too yellow for my coloring. Many brow products for brunettes have too strong of a warm red undertone for my taste, but this one is the first I have found that has too strong of a yellow undertone. If you find that many cool toned brow products show up too cool and grey on you, you may love this shade.

This swatch was done directly from the brush on bare, unprimed skin.

Overall, I liked Tony Moly Easy Touch Coloring Browcara and found that it worked as promised. I selected the wrong shade for my coloring, but this is a nice product.

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