Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review & comparison swatches: Giorgio Armani Power Fabric longwear high cover foundation shade 1

I recently went to Sephora looking for a new foundation and the SA recommended a sample of the new Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation. I was matched to shade 1, which is the lightest shade in the range and is meant for pink undertones. One my all time favorite foundations is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk - I have shade 2, but it is a little too dark and yellow for me in the winter.


As always, I take swatch pictures in natural light and don't edit the photos at all except to add labels. I like to swatch heavily to show the differences in shade - worn sheerly, all of these work on me. I have fair skin with netural undertones.

Left to right: Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in Fair Neutral, Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation in shade 1, Tarte Rainforest of  the Sea foundation in Porcelain (the new lightest shade), and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation in shade 2. Please do note that my bottle of Luminous Silk is about 2 years old and running low - I think it oxidized a little since it was new.

For more foundation swatches: I have a full review of Luminous Silk shade 2 here, comparison swatches of more light foundations here, and comparison swatches of light BB/CC creams here.

As you can see in the swatch pictures, Power Fabric shade 1 is very light and has a peach undertone. It swatches and wears lighter than it looks in the container - it seems like it has a white base, which reminds me of very light nude peach lipsticks. Power Fabric is much more opaque than Luminous Silk, so be sure to color match well or this foundation will be a disaster.

If Power Fabric shade 1 matches you well, you would probably also be suited to Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in Fair Neutral. I find Power Fabric to be a shade too light and too peachy for my skin - Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in porcelain is a much better match for me.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take bare skin pictures today, but you can see recent pictures of my bare skin in my Clinique sunscreen review from a few weeks ago and my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation in porcelain review. I moisturized with the Clinique DDMG before applying. I have dry skin, so I don't wear a primer. This is one layer applied with a damp real techniques sponge. I am wearing a tinted lip balm but that's it.

I think shade 1 is too light  and too peachy for me - I feel a little ghostly. It's hard to show in pictures, but in real life my neck is about a shade /shade and a half deeper and more yellow than my face. It kind of looks like I applied a mineral sunscreen with a heavy white cast underneath a perfect matching foundation? I could make Power Fabric shade 1 work for me, but it isn't as harmonious as the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in porcelain.

Overall thoughts: 
  • If you wished Luminous Silk was more opaque and more matte, this could be right up your alley. It looked matte for ~2 hours and then melded into a nice satin for ~4 hours. I was ready for a blot around hour 6, but it never got to an oily or greasy place.
  • The finish is really pretty, I feel like I have perfect doll skin. The lasting power is better than Luminous Silk (probably because it is more matte), but it isn't a turbo-longwear foundation. 
  • If you have fair skin and always buy the lightest shade of any foundation range automatically, go actually swatch these in store. Shade 1 is the lightest foundation shade I have ever worn and is one of only several that has been too light for me. The Power Fabric shade range looks totally different from Luminous Silk/Lasting Silk so be careful with ordering online. 
  • The shirt I'm wearing is a new t shirt I bought at Muji, it is 100% cotton and I bought it for $10. It's a comfy weekend shirt, highly recommend!


  1. I am pale but with yellow undertones, do you think the 2ND lightest shade will work? I can't stand anything with peach and orange tones as I'm Asian and they make me look like I've a crapload of stuff on my skin. Thanks!

    1. Hi Fenn! That's tough to say. If you don't like peachy undertones, for sure stay far away from shade 1. The shades of Power Fabric are different than regular GA foundation shades, so go swatch in person to be sure.


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