Sunday, March 5, 2017

The best sunscreen for wearing under makeup - Clinique Bbroad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen fluid for face review

I recently purchased the new Clinique SPF 30 mineral sunscreen fluid for face and am excited to share my thoughts on it. My previous favorite sunscreen was discontinued (big glare to Paula's Choice) and I have been trying a ton of sunscreen formulas this year. I enjoy the Clinique DDMG and DDML moisturizers, but have hesitated buying Clinique sunscreens in the past because they tend not to publish full ingredients lists online. I decided to go for it anyway, and I'm glad I did!

Clinique Sunscreen Ingredients

Unlike many other liquid mineral sunscreens, the Clinique mineral sunscreen fluid formula isn't loaded with alcohol or fragrance. I have very sensitive skin and it is very difficult to find a sunscreen formula that wears well under makeup that isn't greasy, gritty, heavily scented, or alcohol heavy. I am prone to eczema, acne, and redness, and have dry skin. My skin also reacts poorly to chemical sunscreens. 

If you have normal skin, you may want to also consider Japanese and Korean sunscreens. Asian sunscreen formulas often do a great job of being lightweight, easily blendable, and generally having more elegant formulas and advanced ingredients than American counterpart formulas. Unfortunately for me, they often are loaded with alcohol and irritants. If you don't have irritable skin, you may also want to try a sample of the Shiseido urban environment spf 42 fluid sunscreen, which has an elegant lightweight formula and a matte finish.

The Clinique mineral sunscreen fluid for face ticks off the ingredient boxes for me neatly: a combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, water based, dimethicone and other silicones for easy blending, emollients and skin conditioning agents friendly to dry skin. Most importantly, it doesn't sting around the eyes, make my skin burn or itch, blends in easily, and doesn't leave a chalky white cast. Clinique also claims this is oil free if that is important to you.

Clinique Sunscreen Texture

Just as the name suggests, the mineral sunscreen fluid for face is a fluid. I have had an issue before with fluid sunscreen formulas feeling gritty or prone to separation, but this is a well mixed smooth texture. I find it very easy to apply, but I dump the product into the palm of my hand instead of on the back of my hand because it is so runny.

Before: Bare skin

All I'm wearing in this picture is the Clinique dramatically different gel moisturizer and my Rosebud salve lip balm. As I'm sure you can see, I haven't edited or filtered my skin in any way.

After: Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid 

I don't notice any white cast, it blends into the skin quickly and easily, and has a natural satin finish. This formula doesn't dry down looking shiny - you could absolutely wear this with or without makeup. I also don't notice it settling oddly into pores. I would be very interested to see if there is a white cast on skin deeper than mine, as I usually don't notice a white cast with sunscreen unless it is very pronounced. Foundation sits the exact same over this sunscreen as it does on my bare skin.

Parting thoughts

Be still my beating heart. I have tried what feels like trillions of sunscreens and this one does everything I need it to without freaking my skin out.
Update: I have used this up and repurchased! One bottle lasted me about 5 months. 

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