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Depotting Bare Minerals ready eyeshadow palettes - safely depotting with heat tutorial

I have been wanting to depot my Bare Minerals ready eyeshadow quad in the Comfort Zone for awhile now, but I was apprehensive because I couldn't find many pictures of depotting Bare Minerals ready eyeshadow palettes. I have a full review of the Comfort Zone quad here - I love the Bare Minerals ready eyeshadow formula, but I have only been using two of the four shades in this quad. I don't think Solace or Tranquil are very flattering on me and that was causing me not to reach for the palette, despite loving Ahhh and Enjoy.

Depotting Supplies - What you need to get started
  • A tool to help take apart the eyeshadow casing and get the pans out of the palette. Look for a sturdy tool that has a slim point. I use the Ulta professional cuticle pusher tool because I like the slim, curved tip at the end, but many people use a knife. 
  • Magnetic tape & scissors to magnetize your eyeshadow pans so they can stick to a free form palette. You can also buy adhesive magnetic stickers, but I prefer tape because eyeshadow pans come in all shapes and sizes so it is easier for me to cut magnet tape to size. 
  • A flat iron & heat protective pad to melt the glue. I see people just using a hair straightener on top of a surface, but I think it is much safer to put a heat protective pad underneath. I grabbed this rubber trivet from my kitchen, but you could just as well use a pot holder, oven mitt, or something like that. You can also use wax paper or parchment paper over the heated plates of your flat iron to protect them if you like.
  • A free form palette to put your eyeshadow pans into once they are depotted. I like my MAC one best, but there are lots of options out there. You can also use the empty palette casing and put magnetic tape or sheets in the bottom.
Step 1: It's time to take apart the packaging!

See that little crevice between the molded plastic piece that holds the eyeshadow pans and the outer casing? Stick your tool into that gap and give it a wiggle. Be patient - there is glue under there and they are tightly fitted, but keep on wiggling until you hear a pop.

Ta-da! This is what the back of the Bare Minerals ready eyeshadow palettes looks like! Now you will have two distinct pieces - your palette casing and this molded plastic insert. I kept my original palette casing because it is sturdy and the mirror is nice. I am going to put some magnet tape inside and use it as a travel palette.

 Step 2: Heat up your flat iron to loosen up the glue that holds the pans in place 

This should probably go without saying, but melting glue and plastic fumes are not good for you, so open a window or turn on a fan while your flat iron is heating up. Make sure your surface is flat and sturdy (this is the top of my dresser) and put down a heat protective pad under your flat iron so you are super safe. I also cut a piece of wax paper to put under my palette so none of the melty plastic will hurt my straightener plates.

Set the palette onto the wax paper and then set them both on the flat iron plate for about two minutes. Once you think the glue under the pan is melted, pull the wax paper end to slide the palette off the heat and rest it on the heat protective surface.

Step 3: Pop the eyeshadow pans out of the palette

Use your tool to pry up the corner of the pan and be careful not to jab the eyeshadow pan itself. Start with your least favorite shade just in case you guessed wrong on the timing - if the glue isn't melty enough your eyeshadow could break in the corner of the pan like my gold shade did. Note that the back of the palette and the metal pans will be hot, so keep this step on the heat protective surface. Repeat this process until all of your pans are out.

Once your pans are out of the plastic casing, let them cool about five minutes on your heat protective surface.

Step 4: Magnetize your eyeshadow pans

I cut magnetic tape to size and stuck it on the back of my eyeshadow pans. You might want to use two layers of tape, depending on the size of the pan. I like to clip the corners of my tape so the tape isn't visible when the pans are in a magnetic palette, but you don't have to do this. Magnetize all of your pans.

Step 5: Place pans in the free form palette of your choice

And you are done! I put my two favorite shades from the quad into my everyday palette so I will use them more often. Try to be a little more careful than I was and hopefully you won't nick any corners. If you do accidentally break a shadow depotting, you can repress it with rubbing alcohol and it will be good as new.

You can use the same method for depotting blushes, bronzers, face powders, and all kinds of palettes except products baked onto tiles or mesh netting bases. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and good luck depotting!

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