Sunday, August 16, 2015

Inglot eyeshadow collection & formula roundup

I have already posted swatches and reviews of my Inglot eyeshadow collection in 3 groups, but I wanted to do a roundup post and share my thoughts of the formula overall.

The Good
  •  Price - $7 per pan is affordable and compared to drugstore eyeshadow formulas is excellent for the price. In the price tier, Inglot competes well against the Wet N Wild Color Icon and Milani Bella formulas. 
  • International availability - Inglot is a Polish company and has broad global availability 
  • Color selection - Inglot has one of the widest color ranges of single eyeshadows on the market, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to find a specific shade 
  • Pigmentation - Each of the shades I have is very pigmented, especially when compared to other stock formulas at a similar price

 The Eh
  • Naming convention - numbers instead of names blows. I can't remember them and I bet you can't either. 
  • Hard pressed formula - Inglot's formula is a harder press, making it more similar to MAC than a buttery formula like Lorac. The mattes are harder pressed than the pearl shades, but you can't really describe the formula as buttery or dense. 
  • Palette freedom system - The magnetic freedom palette system works better in theory than reality, I don't find the palette lid removal process to be super user friendly. Not a huge deal, but I much prefer a z-palette or other magnetic palette. 

The Bad
  • Powdery formula - Especially with matte shades, I find the formula to be a little powdery. The eyeshadows kick up dust in the palette and look powdery on dry skin around the eye, which emphasizes texture issues, like crepey lids or dry patches, and wrinkles. I also notice lighter shades looking chalky on dry skin.The formula isn't excessively powdery, but it is notable for anyone with dry or textured eyelids. I'm not sure someone with oily lids would notice this issue, so take your skin type into account when purchasing.
  • Hard press + powdery = blending issues. Again, more noticeable with the darker matte shades, but I have had some blending issues in the crease. It helps to lay down a base, but expect to work a little harder on the darker mattes. 
  • Shopping online - The Inglot website makes it hard online to get a good idea of what color you are buying. The Beautylish palette builder is better, but I was definitely surprised when I opened my order more than once. Research swatches or swatch in store before buying.
For swatches and shade specific details, please check out each part:

Part 1: Nude matte shades / my recommendations for a 5 pan Inglot palette 353 matte beige, 341 matte peach, 390 matte light taupe, 344 matte rose brown, 358 purple taupe

Part 2: Nude matte shades / my recommendations for shades that can be multi-puposed for face contouring 373 matte white, 359 matte light pink, 349 matte taupe

Part 3: Nude shimmer shades 419 olive pearl, 31 gold sparkle, 402 taupe pearl

Overall thoughts- Inglot shadows are good, not great. If you own a lot of mid or high end eyeshadows, you will notice these feeling less luxurious. Inglot shadows are less silky smooth than Too Faced, less buttery than Lorac, and less blendable and dense than Urban Decay, but equally good (or superior) in pigmentation and color range. Definitely look up swatches or swatch in store before buying.

I don't see myself purchasing any more shades, but check out the pearl formula and more unique mid tone matte shades if you want to try some.

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  1. when you will check the color palette of inglot you will not bee able to resist yourself buying their products despite of high prices but for quality it justify as well


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