Monday, February 20, 2017

Affordable Japanese makeup brush - Mizuho PM11 eyebrow brush review

I'm finally getting around to posting a review of my favorite eyebrow brush - the Mizuho #11. I bought this on a whim from CD Japan about a year ago because I was curious about the brand and needed a brow brush. The PM-11 is very affordable (1500 yen, ~$13 USD before taxes & shipping)  and has a pink handle.

About Mizuho (瑞穂) Brushes

Compared to other Japanese artisanal makeup brush brands like Hakuhodo, Koyudo and Chikuhodo, Mizuho is not as well known in the United States. Mizuho brushes are handmade in the Kumano area of Japan. Like many other traditional Japanese brush making companies, Mizuho does sell private label. If you are curious about Japanese brushes, I have reviewed quite a few others on my blog.

The PM series is relatively affordable compared to some of their other lines and features cherry blossom pink handles. They do make other lines with different themes if pink handles don't appeal to you, but I personally think the pink handles are cute.

Water Badger Makeup Brushes

I know what a badger is, but I've never heard of a water badger. When I kept seeing "water badger" hair in makeup brush descriptions, I wasn't quite sure what I should expect. Compared to other handmade natural hair brushes, badger brush fibers are less soft, more resilient, and more elastic / springy.

This particular brush is not really soft and offers a stiffer fiber that keeps its shape and disperses product well. A hardy, elastic fiber is an excellent choice for an eyebrow brush that can handle creams, pomades, gels, and powders. The only downside to an angled badger brush is that it isn't soft enough to be equally good as a gel eyeliner brush - the shape works well, but it can feel rough compared to my favorite eyeliner brushes. I don't notice any roughness from the brush when using it in the brows.

Badger makeup brushes are a good option for specific purposes, but it isn't as multipurpose as goat.

PM-11 Eyebrow Brush Details
  • Full 132mm - similar length to other Japanese eye brushes, many full size Japanese eye brushes have shorter handles than other full length brushes (for example Sigma)
  • Hair Length 6mm 
  • Hair Thickness 2.5mm
  • Looks and feels the same after more than a year of regular use and many washes 
Parting Thoughts
I don't understand why Japanese brushes aren't more loved in the online beauty community. Mizuho brushes are more affordable than many mid-range brush brands and the quality is way ahead. I would definitely recommend this one!


  1. Do you have any recs for retailers or online stores to purchase these? (Points for any US-based recs). TY in advance.

    1. Unfortunately, the US retailers that I know about that sell multiple brush brands are limited. Beautylish does sell some Chikuhodo but not all of the lines and sometimes only in sets. Hakuhodo does have one CA location and a US presence so that is a good option if you like the brand. My favorite option is CD Japan (which ships from Japan) as they have a wide brand variety, variety in selling singles & sets, and a wide price variety.


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